We provide services for the collection, storage and preparation of goods for shipment to the warehouse of the carrier. We provide speed of delivery, customs clearance, as well as its safety and security. We will help you to not only send the cargo, but also to properly consolidate your cargo in a warehouse.

Cargo consolidation facilitates customs clearance due to the location of the literate general cargo, its documentation and payment of fees.

We fill in all the necessary documents
From documentation to clear customs to customs declaration. Classification, compliance certificates and other custom details, payment of all customs duties will be our concern.

We offer warehousing options in foreign trade zones that allow firms to bring foreign goods or raw materials for manufacturing and/or assembling into the United States without formal customs entry or payment of customs duties and government excise taxes until products leave the zone. If the final product is exported from the United States, no U.S. Customs duty or excise tax is levied. If the final product is imported into the United States, fees are only due at the time of transfer on the product or its parts, whichever is lower.